Catholic Worker Hospitality House of San Bruno - Providing meals and shelter in San Bruno, California.

Christmas Dinner

by Ella Chatfield-Stiehler

On Wednesday, December 23 we hosted our annual Christmas Dinner.  It was a lovely eventwith everybody enjoying a bountiful feast.  There was so much ham and a couple of turkeys for those who don’t eat pork; a variety of potato dishes; an array of special dishes (ambrosia, baked beans, candied yams); and so much cake and cookies. The meal was extra special this year as the ability to host it was in question considering the pandemic.  Luckily we found a good model at our Thanksgiving Dinner of how to serve a festive meal while being mindful of COVID concerns and restrictions. We give thanks to the generosity of so many donors who not only provided a bountiful feast, but made it possible for us to provide gifts to all our guests.  We could not have done the event without your generosity.