Catholic Worker Hospitality House of San Bruno - Providing meals and shelter in San Bruno, California.


by Peter Stiehler

Normally, Catholic Worker Hospitality House closes the dining room and shelter for a week-long vacation several times a year. These times away provide a necessary respite which enables us remain kind and compassionate (most of the time) to those we serve. It also gives us time to do some deep cleaning and light maintenance on the dining room and shelter. However, due to the COVID Crisis causing widespread business and social service closures we feel it would be an additional burden on our guests to take one of our regular vacations at this time. So we will be taking a “semi-vacation.”

The week of April 20-24 the dining room will only be open on Tuesday, April 21 and Thursday, April 23. I will also be taking time away from the office during this time, so it will take me longer than usual to return phone calls. We will resume our regular schedule of serving of Monday through Friday on Monday, April 27. The shelter will remain open during this time.

            –Peter Stiehler, for all of us at Catholic Worker Hospitality House